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Nosema Testing Day



Coventry & District Branch of Warwickshire Beekeepers.

Nosema Clinic - Sunday April 23rd 2017

Coventry and District Branch are conducting a Nosema Clinic. This will take place on Sunday April 23rd at the Training Apiary, Ryton Organic from 3pm.
Whilst this testing is taking place the normal weekly inspection will be going on in parallel.
All members are encouraged to take samples of bees from each of their colonies, kill them by freezing, and then bring them along to the training apiary at Ryton on Sunday April 23rd. The sample must be of at least 30 bees, preferably taken from the entrance to the hive.
Keep the sample from each hive separate AND labelled. If you are freezing them and bring them along on the day you can use anything to store them in. If not use matchboxes or paper envelopes.
Do NOT bring live bees along to Ryton.
All resources required to prepare the sample of bees to be examined under a microscope will be provided.
Experienced Beekeepers will be on hand to teach beekeepers how to prepare the sample of bees and they will then make up, or assist the beekeepers in making up, the microscope slides.
There will be several microscopes manned by skilled people.
Results of the examinations will be passed back to the Beekeeper and also recorded in the totals. The totals will be feedback to the WBKA and this will provide a picture of the prevalence of Nosema within the county.
The clinic will start at 3pm and will run until 17.00
Following the clinic training will be given to Beekeepers on how to treat colonies affected with Nosema.
Any comments about this please contact Dave Bonner (, or any committee member.

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