Coventry & District Branch of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association
Coventry & District Branchof theWarwickshire Beekeepers Association

Coventry & District Branch - Honey Show 2014

Date:  Monday 17th September 2014

Venue: All Saints Church Hall, Allesley, Coventry

Judge:  Dr. B Roberts

Judges Assistant: TBD

Show Secretary: Peter Barclay

Asst Secretary: Bill Crofts



Honey Show Schedule
The full schedule, including show regulations and entry form, is available via this link.
2014 Coventry Honey Show Schedule.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.1 KB]

The show was unfortunately hit by two catastrophic events! Firstly, a major incident on the M6, with knock on effects for the A45, caused most officials and exhibitors to arrive extremely late. One or two people, including Show Judge, Dr Bruce Roberts, took up to 2 hours to arrive from Rugby. Secondly, legendary honey show protagonist, Peter Spencer, unfortunately got the weeks wrong thinking it was the following Monday and sadly didn’t submit any entries. So exhibits and people were a little thin on the ground compared to normal years. Nevertheless, a fine collection of honeys, candles, cakes, etc, were still

available for Judge Bruce to examine. He was assisted in his efforts by branch member Gareth Taylor.


Whilst the judging took place, the assembled crowd were addressed by Chair, Mick Hill. Mick gave an overview of the season; largely successful in terms of fund raising and generally encouraging interest in the subject of bee-keeping amongst the general public. Following that, Dave Bonner, in his Bee Inspector’s role, gave a short talk to emphasise the current concerns of levels of varroa being found in colonies due to the mild winter we had. Dave also went on to show a map of the Coventry & Warwickshire District, which included information on the occurrence of EFB and AFB within the region. It appears that our region is relatively bad in terms of outbreaks of these diseases, though there are some black spots elsewhere that are much worse. Nevertheless, the need to be vigilant and to follow good practice, especially in terms of brood comb renewal, etc., is very important.


Bill Crofts then gave a very short presentation, supported by a few slides and pictures, to show the work that a few individuals had trialled, with regard to small-scale queen rearing. This mainly referred to the Millar method with which one or two members had had some modest success, but also touched on the theory of the Ally method. There is the intention to try this again next year, but – hopefully – with one or two changes to the technique that may improve the success rate. The eventual aim is to be able to raise a handful of good quality queens that can be used by the beekeeper to replenish his/her own stock.


The overall results of the Honey Show were as follows;

1st place (for the second year running):  Dave Bonner, Cathy & Ben

2nd place: Gareth Taylor

3rd place: Julia Barclay

Best in Show: Julia Barclay for her beekeeping themed black work sampler entered in Class 15 ‘ Item of Beekeeping interest not entered in any other class’

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