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Coventry & District Branchof theWarwickshire Beekeepers Association


Are they very big with a large curved tail?

Are they black and brown with a hint of

Do they have a loud buzzing sound when they fly?

Have you found a large round nest in your shed or the roof of your house?


If the answer is yes, they are....






Contact your local Council who can advise you. For Coventry City Council see CCC PEST CONTROL


If they do not fit the description of Bumblebees, Wasps or Hornets THEN they are likely to be Honey Bees. Follow the link to check Honey Bee identification.



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Current News!

CBKA Honey Show 2019

Information on this year's CBKA Honey Show is all available here!


Beekeeping Taster Sessions 2020

Bookings are now being taken for these popular events that give you a first insight into Beekeeping. Click HERE for details.


Beekeeping Course 2020

We ran our annual full weekend Beginner's Beekeeping Course on 16/17 February 2019.

If you wish to register your interest in next year's course, please click HERE!


Branch Apiary

Take a look at our branch apiary and view the programme of activities.


Local Honey

If you wish to purchase local honey, please follow this link.

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