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                          BEEKEEPER TRAINING


If you think you may be interested in beekeeping and would like a 'flavour' of what it's all about, you may like to try one of our Beekeeping Taster Day courses. Click HERE for information.

If you are a little more committed and think you would like to learn enough to get you started as a beekeeper you may like to sign up for our very popular Beginner's Beekeeping Course which is held over a weekend. Click HERE for information.

Neither of the above courses assume prior knowledge or experience!



Branch members who have completed a Beginner's Beekeeping Course may be interested in extending their skills through the BBKA course programme. Our Training Advisor, Dave Bonner, has offered some advice on training options in the paragraphs below.

Coventry Beekeepers Association – Training


Within the Coventry Branch we place a lot of importance on helping our members to improve their beekeeping through training. 
One of the great attractions (and challenges) of Beekeeping is that there is so much you can learn and how much you do learn is very much in the control of the individual beekeeper.


Some people want to learn in a very practical, hands on way, others want to study and work their way through the formal BBKA training modules, some people want to do both and in doing so obtain the Master Beekeeper qualification.


In CBKA we want our members to learn more about their hobby in whatever way best suits them.


One thing we do encourage is that ALL our members undertake the BBKA Basic Assessment within 18 months of joining CBKA. One of the best ways of achieving this is to attend our summer branch meetings at our Ryton Apiary (see Branch Diary). This will give you the opportunity to handle bees and pick up the basic skills required. It will also enable you to learn from other more experienced beekeepers and to discuss your training requirements with our Training Advisor, Dave Bonner (


Current News!

CBKA Honey Show 2019

Information on this year's CBKA Honey Show is all available here!


Beekeeping Taster Sessions 2020

Bookings are now being taken for these popular events that give you a first insight into Beekeeping. Click HERE for details.


Beekeeping Course 2020

We ran our annual full weekend Beginner's Beekeeping Course on 16/17 February 2019.

If you wish to register your interest in next year's course, please click HERE!


Branch Apiary

Take a look at our branch apiary and view the programme of activities.


Local Honey

If you wish to purchase local honey, please follow this link.

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