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More Advanced Study/Training Options

Information on the BBKA programme of beekeeping modules.

Once you have completed your Basic Assessment, you may well want to undertake the BBKA training route in order to gain more knowledge and experience, and eventually to become a better qualified beekeeper.

You can view the BBKA's training flowchart by clicking on the link below. This shows the combination of theoretical and practical assessments that you can study in order to eventually gain higher beekeeping qualifications (e.g. Qualified Beekeeper, Master Beekeeper, etc).

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The table below shows a summary of the modules leading to the qualification of 'Master Beekeeper'.

Practical Module Based
General Husbandry Module 1 - Honey bee Management
Advanced Husbandry Module 2 - Honey bee Products and Forage
  Module 3 - Honey bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning
  Module 5 - Honey bee Biology
  Module 6 - Honey bee Behaviour
  Module 7 - Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees
  Module 8- Honey bee Management, Health and History

You can do the practical side independently of the Modules and vice versa. If you complete both the practical side and all the modules then you are awarded the ‘Master Beekeeper’ qualification. In addition there are certificates in Microscopy and also Honey Show Judging.


So as you can see there is a huge amount to learn and be challenged by in this fascinating hobby of Beekeeping!

Current News!

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Beekeeping Course 2020

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Branch Apiary

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Local Honey

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