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Training Videos

Dave Bonner, our branch training officer, has produced a series of instructional videos to aid member's understanding of a number of basic beekeeping processes.

Please see the list below with links to the specific pages where the videos can be viewed.

Dave plans to add more videos as and when he gets time to produce them, so please keep an eye on these pages.


If you view any of the videos and would like to comment on how useful you found them, please leave a message for Dave on our Guestbook page. Make it clear which video you are referring to, and Dave will be very pleased to receive any constructive comments.


Training Video List



Boiling used frames ready for re-use


Wax Processing

Removing beeswax from old super frames


Honey Production

Extracting Honey From Super Frames

Straining Runny Honey

Bottling Runny Honey

Seeding Soft Set Honey

Producing Soft-Set Honey


Disease Detection and Treatment

A Super with nosema


Queen Rearing

Getting wax foundation into mating Nuc frames

Current News!

CBKA Honey Show 2017

Information on this year's CBKA Honey Show is all available here!


Beekeeping Taster Afternoons 2017

Bookings are now being taken for these popular events that give you a first insight into Beekeeping. Click HERE for details.


Beekeeping Course 2017

We ran our annual full weekend Beginner's Beekeeping Course on 18/19 February 2017.

If you wish to register your interest in next year's course, please click HERE!


Branch Apiary

Take a look at our branch apiary and view the programme of activities.


Local Honey

If you wish to purchase local honey, please follow this link.

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